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Notes for Participants


1. 国家会议中心会场须凭会议胸卡入场,胸卡不得转借他人。入场时须接受安检。

Admission to CNCC is by name badge only. Name badge is not transferable and each is applicable to one person. Please accept security check at the entrance.

2. 未经中国组委会许可,不得在现场发放任何书籍、资料等物品。

Unless approved by the Chinese Organizing Committee of WCP2018, distribution of any items (books, materials, etc.) is not allowed.

3. 因8月12日国家会议中心举行重要活动,原定酒店往返国家会议中心班车时间调整如下:

14:00  酒店至国家会议中心

16:00  国家会议中心至酒店

19:00  酒店至国家会议中心

21:00  国家会议中心至酒店

Affected by a governmental activity to be held at CNCC on Aug.12th, the schedule of shuttle buses between hotels and CNCC is adjusted to below.

14:00 Hotels to CNCC

16:00 CNCC to Hotels

19:00 Hotels to CNCC

21:00 CNCC to Hotels