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News – Press Releases – Photos

Local Preparatory Meeting Held for the 24th World Congress of Philosophy


       On September 4, the Congress Secretariat held a preparatory meeting with the local organization committee at Department of Philosophy of Peking University. Distinguished attendees include, among others, Professor Weiming Tu, Founding Director of the Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies of Peking University, Professor Dunhua Zhao, former Director of Department of Philosophy of Peking University, Professor Lai Chen, Director of the Academy of Chinese Learning of Tsinghua University, Professor Yusheng Huang, Head of Department Philosophy of Tsinghua University, and Professor Xinzhong Yao, Dean of Faculty of Philosophy Department of Renmin University of China. Professor Bo Wang, Head of Department of Philosophy of Peking University and Secretary General of the Congress Secretariat, chaired the meeting.

  Professor Wei Liu, Executive Vice President of Peking University attended the meeting and gave a welcome speech. Professor Liu thanked the organization committee members, and expressed commitment from Peking University to support the organizational work for the Congress. The meeting discussed topics including the first official circular, the plenary sessions, the section speakers, and the list of local hosts in the relevant sessions.


(Photo of the second meeting)

  On September 5th and 6th, the International Project Committee held the second meeting. The International Project Committee consists of thirteen members to steer the further preparation work of the Congress. Among them, eight international members are Professor Dermot Moran, Professor Luca Maria Scarantino, Riccardo Pozzo, and representative philosophers from Russia, South Korea, South Africa and other countries. There are also five Chinese members: Professor Weiming Tu, Professor Bo Wang, Professor Dikun Xie from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Professor Yi Jiang and Professor Xiangchen Sun.

  The meeting was fruitful. The committee reviewed the first circular of the Congress and decided the release date. The committee also discussed the Chinese Endowed Lecture, the list of recommended speakers and hosts of the plenary sessions and issues about the congress website, the General Assembly and book exhibitions during the Congress.


  On September 6th, Professor Shanlu Zhu, Chairman of the University Council of Peking University, attended the closing meeting and held cordial talks with the members. He said that Peking University would do its best to make the 24th World Congress of Philosophy a great success.

  On September 7th, Professor Dermot Moran, Professor Luca Maria Scarantino, Professor Riccardo Pozzo, visited the Khoo Teck Puat Sports Complex, the PKU Centennial Auditorium, and the second teaching building, which are optional venues for the Congress. They are satisfied with the facilities in Peking University.