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Peking University won the right of the 24th World Congress of Philosophy


    In August 2013, the 23rd World Congress of Philosophy(WCP2013) was held in Athena, Greece.FISP((International Federation of Philosophical Societies) hosted the Executive Committee Meeting in the end of the congress. One of the congress agenda was to elect the next host country of the World Congress of Philosophy. The Philosophy Department and the Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies, Peking University formed the delegation of Peking University. In the final bid statement meeting, Brazil had the priority to make the statement, Prof.Wang Bo, Prof.Liu Zhe and Dr.Tu Weiming made their bid presentations later.

    Prof.Wang Bo expressed the support toward the bid in Chinese as the representative of the Philosophy Department, Peking University. Prof.Liu Zhe introduced the development and status of the philosophy research institution, Peking University in French and expressed the strong appeal of the application in the meaning of philosophy development. Dr.Tu Weiming stated the great significant of international philosophy congress to China status, philosophy implication and inter-civilization dialogue in English.

  Dr.Tu Weiming stated his opinion from three parts. He said, firstly, China needs to develop in economy, culture and ecology without the limitation on economic model. The broader ways must include philosophy. Secondly, philosophy has to walk to the world from universities, at the same time, all scholars have to communicate with the society and the man who has humanistic concern and knowledge, otherwise philosophy goes to ossification. China provides the best opportunity for the world congress of philosophy. Thirdly, philosophy ought to globalized. It is traceable from Greece and should not be extinct here. Philosophy should be an amalgamation of all cultures, including China, India, Latin and other countries not belong to western region, otherwise it is extremely limited.       

   Through vehemently statement, argument and inquiry, refutation and final vote, China got 56 approvals and Brazil won 20 approvals. According to the result, China defeated Brazil to won the right to host the 24th World Congress of Philosophy.