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News – Press Releases – Photos

The second Executive Committee Meeting of the 24th World Congress of Philosophy was held at Peking University


On April 21 and 22, the International Executive Committee was held the 2nd Executive Committee Meeting at Room 109 of the Lee Shau-kee Humanities, PKU Campus.

The photo of the Second Executive Committee

The Attendees included: Dermot Moran (President of the International Philosophical Society Federation Steering Committee), Luca M. Scarantino (Secretary-General of the International Philosophical Society Federation Steering Committee) and Riccardo Pozzo (President of the 24th International Philosophy Conference of the World Philosophy Congress), Lin Jianhua (President of Beijing University), Wang Bo (Vice-President of Peking University) and Xie Dikun (Professor in the Institute of Philosophy of Renmin University of China),Tu Weiming (Dean of Peking University Institute of Higher Humanities) and the members of the Secretariat of the 24th World Philosophy Conference. Before the meeting, Lin Jianhua, on behalf of the 24th World Philosophy Conference China Organizing Committee and Peking University, welcomed three international scholars and their hard work since the successful bid in 2013. He also thanked all the others for their support, guidance, and work.

President Lin Jianhua meets with the members of the second Executive Committee

At the same time, Lin Jianhua pointed out that this meeting is the most important meeting before the formal convening of the 24th World Congress of Philosophy. The World Congress of Philosophy is extremely important significant for Peking University, for the promotion of Chinese thought and culture, and for the integration and exchange of philosophical ideas worldwide.

The international Executive Committee Members

The second Executive Committee confirmed the the list of chairmen and spokespersons of each session, the opening and closing ceremonies and the translation policy, the visa policy, and the transportation arrangements. On April 22, the foreign members inspected the site of the congress.

The 24th World Congress Philosophy is organized by the International Federation of Philosophy Associations, the 24th World Philosophy Conference China Organizing Committee, and Peking University. The Congress has now entered the final stage of preparation. A series of academic and cultural activities centered on the 24th World Congress Philosophy will be launched. We look forward to the 24th  World Congress of Philosophy, which will be held in Yanyuan in August 2018. It will promote the power of Chinese discourse and promote human intellectual and cultural progress through dialogues and cultural exchange between philosophers representing all the main current tendencies.